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SpaceCube storage/shipping container are manufactured a with a patent pending composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) wall panel system that reduces the weight of containers by 30%. The strength of the FRP wall panel system gives SpaceCubes superior surface resistance, corrosion prevention and the ability to be stored in a stacked position in any environmental condition.

FRP characteristics reduce the need for large expensive buildings, yard storage space and the energy associated with movement and transportation. Each unit comes with a panel repair kit facilitating logistic and cost efficiencies by allowing for in-situ repair capabilities. Combined with a universal cab and lift equipped chaise and interchangeable Uni-Pak carrying frame delivery system, SpaceCubes will revolutionize the shipping and storage industry. STF offers 5 different size options for a variety of different uses.

Visit SpaceCube's very own website to read more about this amazing technology!

Fiber-Glass Reinforced Plastic.

Designed to fit various types.

Storage/ Shipping Systems.

Products offer users the convenience to store energy where ever they may be or be going.

Living Quarters.

Upgrades to a buildings energy provides a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption.