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PowerBoy/SpaceCube Stores markets and sells solar PV and solar hot water kits and systems, manufactured, assembled and deployed by STF, to residential, commercial and government customers. Kits and deployments are composed of the highest quality, most efficient, American made panels with an industry leading 25 year warrantee. Customers are also able to purchase verticle wind turbines and off grid solar lighting for integration into energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment projects.

PowerBoy showroom is designed to attract customers with a line of electric, battery operated and solar products. The product showcase area is geared toward moving clean technology from the theoretical to tangible, working demonstrations. Locations will be staffed with expert sales representatives, with an emphasis on veterans, well versed in product offerings and the utilization of networked IT consultation tools and point of service systems.

Locations will host organizations, government and regional utility representatives to conduct seminars educating local markets on energy efficiency practices, renewable energy system options and related incentive programs. Paired with energy auditing service offerings conducted by certified, regional contractors.

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Renewable Energy Generation

STF's PV power plants are connecting to electricity grids across the world, helping to meet growing energy needs and reduce fuel consumption.

Independent Power Producer

An (IPP) or a non-utility generator is, “a corporation, person, agency, authority, or other legal entity or instrumentality that owns or operates facilities for the generation of electricity for use primarily by the public, and that is not an electric utility.

Off Grid Solar Lighting

STF Group offers an off-grid solar light that is ideal for infrastructure development and creates a safe environment on roadways, at schools, in parks, and other public areas.

Energy Harvesting & Efficiency Products

Reliable and portable solar power for phones, MP3 players, GPS, portable battery packs, or any device that charges via a USB connection.

PowerBoy Store Coming Soon!

STF is a clean technology company with four core business units: energy efficiency products and services; renewable energy development; electric, rechargeable battery operated and solar products and light-weight Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) storage/shipping containers.

PowerBoy Store will act as a franchise showroom business that will cross market and sell its interrelated product lines to residential, commercial, and industrial and government clients and applications.