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Implementing the technology and resources available to best suit the needs of our customers.

Solar energy options for every need. Pre-constructed foundation.

Self-sustaining solar systems.

On a residential, commercial, and global scale. Contribute to world energy supply security. Reduce dependency on fossil fuel resources.

Providing solutions for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Reduction of CO2 in transportation. Solar Thin Film products.

Quality Resource Technologies, (QRT), was formed to provide "earth-friendly" solutions to many of today's challenges in the shipping, housing and composite markets. Materials such as steel and wood, a staple component in the shipping and housing market, are now being evaluated and their inherent limitations exposed. Composite materials are stronger, lighter, and corrosion-free and made from materials typically discarded as waste. This exciting technology enables QRT to build a better container, housing unit. These products are essentially corrosion free once placed into operation. In a society where plastic has overrun every other produced material, it's comforting to know that the waste stream can be minimized and numerous useful "life-spans" can be placed on products to keep the planet in the state it was originally intended to be kept. At QRT, we know we're doing our part and we invite you to join us in technologies that implement tomorrow's solutions today.

Quality Resource Technologies, Inc, focuses on developing, manufacturing, and selling light-weight fiber reinforced shipping containers, and storage and housing units. The company also intends to manufacture and market other goods, such as decking, railing, and other construction materials. It offers its products for product shipping, waste shipping, storage business, and housing markets.

Quality Resource Technologies, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of STF Group, Inc. Simply: The waste stream can be minimized. * We address known issues in the container business: – Product shipping - various versions of freight shipping containers, many in standardized sizing and forms – Waste shipping - standardized sizes can survive harsh environments and frequency of handling – Storage business - more disposable income available for storage costs. And thus...Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) containers were born.

To provide a better and lighter way of manufacturing necessary containers. Our products have been designed from the ground up. – We started with your needs. – We started with the known problems. From concept to design, integration into reality. Our collapsible containers have met and exceeded the current existing standards for steel containers. CSC accredited. Patent pending technology.

We have engineered the paneling system to improve the overall product and strengthen the company’s ability to control manufacturing costs for tomorrow and the future.

KLC Green Energy Corp.distributes solar panel tracking systems that change position in response to the movement of the sun in relation to the earth. KLC distributes a solar panel system known as Smart Solar Tracking System. The unique feature of the Tracker is that the solar panel changes position in response to the movement of the sun in relation to the earth; in essence, following the sun's path. This feature allows for a 50% increase in the amount of energy produced by the panel and has many applications, including outdoor lighting for walkways, property lighting, etc. and can be used in both stand-alone and networked lighting applications.

Intelligent Solar Tracking System
Live solar tracking Up to 50% more power

Simple, effective, proven design Hurricane rated and proven Long Island model installation survived Super Storm Sandy Single installations for remote lighting or power charging Tracking units available from single to double arrays

Networked installations can provide lighting for multiple lighting scenarios Tracking units available from single to triple arrays Networked installations can provide lighting for multiple lighting scenarios

What we stand for

STF Group is a company focused on the future. We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on new ideas while utilizing current technologies to protect tomorrow’s environment, today. Our green technologies impact many different markets, including energy production and conservation, transportation of goods, storage and housing. We are proud to offer solar panels that are made in America with the best warranties available. Our shipping division focuses on our patent pending Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) for reduced shipping weight, size and an increase in product longevity. Our storage division focuses on temporary and permanent housing made by utilizing the same material as the shipping containers which we customize to produce modular homes. These rapidly deployable and customizable units offer options at the time of demand based upon the situational needs of each event. We view our business model as one that promotes environmental responsibility to be everyone’s obligation, and also allows our customers the ability to save. Our goal as new challenges arise will continue to be creating solutions that not only make sense but also make a difference.

Jim Solano, CEO STF Group Inc.

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Our skills

Off-Grid Solar Lighting
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Development
Net Zero ECO-Homes
FRP Technology Storage/Shipping Containers

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STF Group is a clean technologies firm focused on renewable energy generation and carbon-reducing products and services.

  • Off-Grid Solar Lighting
  • Solar Photovoltaiv (PV) Development
  • Eco-Homes
  • Storage, Shipping, and Temporary Housing Systems (FRP Technology)

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